Grammar Guidelines For Preposition Use

In this section, you will learn selected rules for using prepositions. Learning these rules and following these guidelines will help you use prepositions correctly

Prepositions of time, place, or Position

You will find the following charts helpul for using preositions that indicate time, place, or position

  • Preposition of time
Preposition Time Example
in month, year in February, in 1999
on day of the week, date on Monday, on June 1
in time of day in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening (but at night)
at specific time of day at 8:00 AM, at 3:30 OM sharp
  • Preposition of place
Preposition Place Example
in city, country in Dallas, in Canada,.. //
on street on First Street,…
at address at 1119 Harvard Drive,…
in in side of a place in the language lab, in the library,…
at specific place at school, at home, at the airport, at the store, at the movies,…//
  • Preposition of position
Preposition Position Example
on on top of on the desk, on the bed,.. //
in inside in my room, in my desk, in the car,…//

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